Do You Know How To Use These Tricks To Turn her On By Text Messages?

woman texting on phone

Every man wishes that he had super powers with which he could turn women on. Perhaps if you had not read about the developments in the field of female psychology or have not, you may not believe me when I tell you that there are definitive proven techniques with the help of which you will be able to turn on any woman that you want through text messaging.

What I am going to share here now is only a brief description of these flirting techniques. For a much better and detailed understanding you should read the guide Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rios and Rob Judge.

But before we get started there is something else that I must tell you. Please do not use any of these techniques to hurt a girl. These are not being taught to you so that you can misuse them. So let’s begin:

Building rapport

Flirty Text Messages for menUnlike men, women are not turned on by every member of the opposite gender. Women are only turned on by men that they have a connection or are movie stars. To be able to turn on woman, you absolutely have to develop rapport with her. The how of building rapport with a woman is explained beautifully in the the program Magnetic Messaging.

A great technique to build rapport is called by the name of the mirroring technique. This includes copying subtly, what a woman is doing. For example if she smiles, you smile. If she folds her hands, you fold your hands. If she brushes her hair back, you brush your hair back. However, do this in a way that is not apparent. This technique helps because now you have got her thinking subconsciously that you and she are very similar.

Reading her body language to know what she is thinking and then responding appropriately is another great way of building rapport. In order to read body language, you need to know exactly what every gesture means and how to read clusters. Cluster is a group of different gestures meaning one thing. Reading body language is a great tool when it comes to reading women. Once again, you will get a detailed analysis of a woman’s body language in the guide mentioned early. I also encourage you to read the best in-depth Magnetic Messaging review we have found about this program

Make her qualify for you

The usual way guys think is that they are the ones who need to be good enough for girls. For example, many times guys see hot girls but think ‘Oh, I am never going to get her. She is out of my league!’ You are comparing yourself to her and thinking that you are never going to get her. The good thing is that women think the same way too.

They too try to compare themselves with guys and wonder if the guy is in her league or not. Now if you are able to show that you are out of her league, she will instantly be hot for you. Now, she will try to get you and not the other way round. Now all you have to do is let her get you. This is one of the greatest secrets mentioned in the Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio and if you want to be a magnet of hot women, you need to start using this technique often.

Leadership and dominance in the relationship

flirting-techniques-with-women-using-text-messagingIn every relationship, each member who is a part of it must play an appropriate role for the relationship to work. Otherwise it will just fall apart. Your role in a relationship with a girl is being dominant and leading her. A lot of men fail to understand this and it ends up in the relationship being unsatisfactory to the girl. When you are going out to eat, it is your job to decide where you are taking her.

But most men, in order to please women, will ask them to decide. The more control you give to the girl in the relationship, the more unattractive it will be for her. And this is for the simple reason that in a relationship, a woman’s role is to follow the man and the man’s role is to protect, care for and make decisions. When you end up giving up the role you have to play, you become less of a man in her eyes. I am not saying that you can make any decision and she has to follow. You need to make good decisions and ensure that she enjoys and has fun. If you are able to do this well, there is no other man in the world that she would chose over you.

Here were some of the key methods to impress women and turn them on. Make sure you follow them. To know about more great techniques to get women, make sure you read the course Magnetic Messaging in which is thoroughly explained how to flirt with women using text messaging.

How To Spice Up Your Relationship And Live A Romance

If you are in a serious relationship and wish to know how to spice up your relationship because you want to hold on and be happy in your relationship, you have come to the place where the question ‘how to spice up your relationship has been answered. This is a common mistake made by most people all around. They choose to give all they have to ‘spice up’ a dying relationship with all sorts of gifts and other stuff of the sort. So, here are a few tips for you:


#1 Do exactly what you couldn’t do when you were young:

We all know there are a ton of limitations when we are young and in a relationship and anyone who says otherwise is plain out living in denial. If you are still at such a stage I suggest moving on to the next tip else read on.

Ever wonder where all the time has gone. All the great plans you had for your life, the dreams that you could very well realize. Yeah depressing isn’t it, now what could be better to bond with your partner than living your dreams with her/him. Yeah not much can top that even though you might feel it’s nothing great but once you get going with this you will have added a whole new dimension to your relationship. Do go ahead with this if you know a good answer to how to spice up your relationship.

#2 Romance is always the way out:


No matter how old or busy you are, if your life has become less romantic it is most probably because you are too busy making excuses when you should’ve been making time for your partner. No matter what you do you cannot be capable of sustaining a healthy relationship with your partner without making enough contact with her.

So put down your evening beer and share a glass of wine with your partner. Else you cannot complain that she just isn’t interested in you anymore. You must go after your partner like the way you did when you were trying to attract her attention. If you want to spice it up you are going to have to dedicate more time to your love.

#3 Share some fun:

The best way to do this is to share a hobby or another personal interest together get something to do together, it will give you a much better reason to dedicate more time towards your fading love life and gives a terrific avenue for bonding and opening up.

Perhaps even a modest get a way will serve the same purpose, it will let you share time together and let your relationship blossom like you want it too. Do not let anyone get in the way of this quality time together. If you have to force yourself to do something with your partner there is no real point in doing it. Whatever you do should be spontaneous, it should come from the heart. This time belongs to the two of you and the two of you only so make real good use of it if you want to spice your relationship up.

#4 Food:

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and that is very much true. Food is the way to go. Sooner or later you are going to have to eat, so might as well do it together as often as possible and keep the rapport going while doing so. Cooking together in this case would be the icing on the cake and would seal up your love life for long periods of time, this is as good as going somewhere on a vacation and is also cost efficient. It is a cheap and effective way to add spice to your love life.


#5 Bring back the beginnings:

Do you remember your first date? Do you remember what your partner wore that divine day. He /She was probably trying very hard to impress you and owing to the fact that you are still together id say they succeeded with quite some brilliance. Imagine living those days all over again. Where everything about the other was so new and amazing, try getting back into those characters re-enact those days right down to the same location if you can.

#6 Do not hold back:

Sex ends up as one of the most important elements in your love life, perhaps even one of the most crucial. Do not feel shy to try out new positions and locations. You have the liberty to feel free with your partner and you should make use of this, but be sure not to push it to an extent that your partner is uncomfortable.

Here were some great tips regarding how to spice up your relationship. Always remember that there are very few things in life that actually matter and your partner is one of them.